Director Yoshiyuki Tomino, known as the director of Gundam etc.  

He criticized the manga “Attack on Titan” having the big hit in 2013.
He graduated from Nihon university and entered Mushi-pro of Mr. Osamu Tezuka.  After becoming free, he related to produce “Triton of the Sea” “Space battleship Yamato” etc.  As the director, he produced “Mobile suit Gundam”.   He is the authority of anime!

“Attack on Titan” is one of the most popular manga in 2013.  It released 11 comics and sales is more than 2.5MM.  It’s very popular in the other countries, too.  From this spring, anime has been broadcasted, and DVD and BD have the big sale, too.

Mr. Tomino criticized “Attack on Titan” at the mail magazine on Nov 19, 2013.  About the author, he said he should have been coward and takes out his frustration in manga.  He said “the world including that much eroticism and grotesque should not be manga, and this should not be expressed with pictures.”, and also “I do never want to read that, and do not want to evaluate it.  That kind of manga is popular now, it means the time now is really horrible”.
However, he added he could forgive the author because he should have the reason to produce “Attack on Titan”, and I could see his effort for making the work and being the author before being the mangaka.   Then, he criticized the publisher because he says the publisher does anything if it produces the profit.

-  This man criticizes it before reading that!?  

-  Well, Gundam is better…  

-  Attack on Titan is the best!  Gundam is crap! 

-  Gundam is always better.  Attack on Titan is crap.  

-  Actually Gundam should be the great anime, but Attack on Titan is not bad, either.  

-  This person…  He seems to know well about Attack on Titan.  I guess he is reading it…  ?  

-  Well, but I think Attack on Titan is over evaluated.  

-  Well, Gundam is better as a work. But he says too much.  lol  

-  He is what!?  

-  Gundam is the popular series, but I don’t think Attack on Titan becomes the same.  Gundam started many years ago, but it produces the latest one now, too.  Then, Gundam’s influence is stronger.

-  Well, but Gundam becomes boring…  

-  Gundam AGE was crap.

-  Gundam AGE is for kids, right?  

-  Attack on Titan is too erotic or grotesque!?  lol  

-  What he say is like irony, right?  lol  

-  I don’t understand why he can criticize even he doesn’t read that.  

-  I like Attack on Titan, so I was shocked by his words.  

-  He is always like this.  


-  I like anime Attack on Titan…  I like the personality of female characters, and also Gantz is more grotesque.

-  Manga have various style and story, so Attack on Titan is okay as it is.  I think it’s nice to have various types of manga.  

-  Tomino should be the typical type like Hayao Miyazaki.  He wants to say many things about recent anime.

-  Well, what he says is like…  ”Recent young generation doesn’t understand!”    

-  They are both to blame.  

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