Why is there no casino in Japan!?  Foreigners’ reaction.

Casino is not legalized yet in Japan, but casino seems to be legalized in more than 120 countries.  This is not legalized only in Japan among developed countries.

-  Is there Casino I can play poker in Sasebo, Japan?   My brother works at Sasebo, and I wanna play with him when I visit him. 

-  Casino is illegal in Japan.

-  Unfortunately, there is no casino in Japan.  Instead of that, there is pachinko.

-  Pachinko is like a slot machine.   Very trained technique is required.  Actually, according to Japanese law, the shop can’t pay liquid to customers.  That’s why there is a small place you can exchange the product with money.

-  You can play it online!

-  Casino will be legalized in Japan!?

-  I guess in 10 years, casino will be legalized in Japan.  Actually, it has a plan to create huge facility including casino in Tokyo.  Once government and Tokyo are ready and they could have enough budget, this would be legalized.  I heard there is a plan to build casino close to Narita airport, but I guess one in Tokyo will be sooner.

-  Legalisation of Casino might be difficult.  It’s not because Japanese are against gambling, but this would be a strong rival against pachinko, another legal gambling in Japan.

-  Gamble called Pachinko are everywhere in Japan.

-  This may not be legalized forever…

-  They’ve talked about legalization of casino, but it doesn’t come true.  There are many pachinko in Japan, also some game centers providing casino style games.

-  Pachinko is popular among Japanese, especially middle-aged men.  Well, if you wanna try something different, you can try that.  But you should know it’s full of nicotine smokes and noisy sound in Pachinko.

-  Casino isn’t allowed in Japan, but pachinko, Keirin, autorace and others as gambling.  Government is negative for creating casino because the income by existed gambling would be reduced.

-  Well, it might have secret black casino…   You can play casino in Korea and Macao close to Japan.

-  I heard Japan builds many slot machines, so I thought it has casino like Las Vegas….

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