Please let me know what I should do for being Ninja.  Foreigners’ reaction.

-  What should I do for being Ninja!?

-  You can check Ninjutsu training school at Google!

-  Are you from Japan?  If not, you can’t.  Just give up.  lol

-  Only Japanese can be Ninja!

-  You should go to Japan.  If you could go to Japan 400 years ago, it should be the best…

-  Well, you should create time machine.  Then, you go to the past Japan.

-  Then, you should learn Japanese first!  Actually, Ninja and Samurai are old-fashioned in Japan.  

-  LOL w

-  Is there real Ninja school?  I wanna know if there are some schools teaching real Ninja technique.

-  Basically, the school saying Ninja School insist they are real.

-  I heard Ninja doesn’t exist anymore.  So you can start going to pirate school!

-  If you master Kanfu, acrobat and aikido, you can act like Ninja.  What do you think?

-  If you talk about the real one, it should be Koga-ryu.  There is Dojo in Japan.  Also, Tenshin Shodenkatori Shintoryu.  It is said this is the oldest Bujutsu in Japan.  This has Ninjutsu as one part of curriculum.  Well, these seem to be different from Ninjutsu school, though.

-  Well, I want Ninja suits…

-  It is said Ninja costume is not fixed.  They seem to choose costume for each mission.  General black costume is spread because of the film.

-  Ninja doesn’t exist anymore?

-  They are.  Just behind you, too.  lol

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