Ninja was arrested in England!?

“I was arrested by police while I patrol with Ninja costume!  lol”

In England, 21 years old man was patrolling with Ninja costume for keeping the area safe, the police misunderstood, and he was arrested.  

This man transformed to Ninja with wooden Katana and protection on his hands, and patrolled independently.  But a policeman misunderstood that there was a man with a weapon, and called a helicopter and police dogs.  This man was arrested when he escaped to the park.

He loves Manga.  Especially he loves the character “Beat the strong, and Help the weak”.  His lawyer said “When he encountered an assault, police couldn’t find the criminal.  For helping police, he wanted to protect the safety of that area”.

The court understood his purpose “wanting to protect the safety of that area”, but the way was wrong, and he occurred some trouble, so he was judged to work on 60 hours social work.

This is that Ninja, Mr.Tanis Baker, 21 years old 


-  He is just an idiot!  lol

-  This man acts kick ass in real?!

-  It’s like a joke, he was arrested when he played Ninja…

-  Wearing Ninja suit with a wooden Japanese sword and sticking around..  Well, it might be normal the police arrests him.  lol

-  He is a nice person who patrolled independently.  I hope he would continue that!

-  He was called and found by police in a few minutes.  I think it’s not good as a Ninja. 

-  You should stop that.  On worst case, you would be shot by paramilitary police.  You should think you were lucky.

-  Well, if police works perfectly, these men or vigilante groups would not be needed.

-  In Whales, a good man would be arrested.  

-  If police worked as passionate as this man, we would less crime….

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