Why Japanese people love Hawaii?

Foreigner  ”How much do Japanese people love Hawaii!?”


From foreigners’ point of view, the degree Japanese love Hawaii seems to be crazy…
By the way, half of participants of Honolulu marathon seems to be Japanese.
Participants of Honolulu marathon.
Below is foreigners’ reaction to Japanese who LOVE Hawaii!  ^^

-  Why are there many Japanese in Hawaii?  I live in Hawaii and love Hawaii, but I just noticed there are so many Japanese here.  Why are there so many Japanese in Hawaii?? 

-  I think they are tourists.  Many Japanese travel to Hawaii.  There is no problem in English either, so it’s very popular. 

-  There are so many Japanese in Hawaii.  We can say half of Hawaii is occupied by Japanese.  I think there are huge Japanese town in LA, too.  

-  According to the legend, the comet fell in Hawaii 1000 years ago.  It includes Japanese bacteria.  That’s why there are so many Japanese people in Hawaii now.

-  It’s the same reason as there are so many Jewish in New York and Philadelphia.   

-  Japanese you see in Waikiki are tourists.  Hawaii has been very popular as the most beautiful and closest American Island.  One reason is they can get brand products cheaper there, too.  In Hawaii, at North Shore and Kailua, there are less Japanese tourists compared to Waikiki.  Japanese tour focuses on the specific point.  Then, in Hawaii, Japanese-people live.  Ancient Japanese immigrated to Hawaii for farming and business.  In Hawaii, there are Japanese-people and Chinese-people.
(40% of all population in Hawaii is Asians.  This is the percentage of Asians in Hawaii (from Wikipedia)
Filipino: 14.6%  (198000)
Japanese 13.6% (185000)
Chinese 4.0% (55000)

Korean  1.8%  (24000) 
Vietnam  0.6%

-  I heard some Japanese had started immigrating to Hawaii for farming sugarcane and pineapples since 1800s.

-  They have Okinawa, but Japanese people love Hawaii! 

-  Japanese image Hawaii first when they think of travelling to the other countries.  They love Hawaii! 

-  It’s very weird that half of participants of Honolulu marathon is Japanese.  Why do Japanese gather in Hawaii?   lol 

-  Too many Japanese are participating!  Half of participants are Japanese?  How much do they wanna run in Hawaii?  lol 

-  Honolulu marathon has Japanese companies as spencer.  Then, there is a tour for Honolulu marathon.  That’s why many Japanese people participate in it.
(Honolulu marathon seems to be JAL Honolulu marathon.  It’s one of the Four US biggest marathon as well as New York City Marathon, Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon.  This is the 6th biggest marathon event in the world.) 

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