Foreigner  ”Kabuki-cho is such a colorful city..”

-  Japan is no.1!

-  It looks incredible!

-  Full of neon!

-  Such a colorful city!  Very interesting.

-  There are so many people in Shinjuku at night!

-  Tokyo is the place I’ve wanted to go.

-  Shinjuku night is amazing.  It’s really attractive.  I remember my visit ten years ago.  Thank you for the great video.

-  I love Japan & Tokyo!
My dream is going there!

-  Shinjuku is like casino!

-  I feel the same excitement that I visited Disneyland for the first time!  It might be more?

-  I’m American.  I really wanna go to Tokyo.  I’m in Navy, but I wanna go to Tokyo just as a tourist.  Tokyo is a beautiful city.  I don’t know Japanese at all, so I may get lost, though…  lol

-  No trash on the street.  It’s really amazing!  Very beautiful city.

-  This is Japanese mafia town!

-  Where is Kiryu Kazuma?   lol

-  I saw a man on the street.  Is he alive!?  

-  Why people sleep on the street?  

-  Are they drunk?  lol  

-  Only Japan we can see so many drunk men!  

-  OMG!  Moa 4 Cafe at 1:01!!  I visited there!  Crepe there was really awesome!  

-  OMG!  Santa at 2:31!!!  

-  It’s my first time to see Japanese homeless.  

-  I heard foreigners are not welcome in Japan.  Is it true?  I don’t see many foreigners in this video…  

-  I’m here from Game, Ryu ga Gotoku!  ^^

-  There are so many weird people in Kabuki-cho…  

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