Foreigners’ Reaction to that AKB member, Tomochin (Tomomi Itano) and Paruru (Haruka Shimazaki) visited Yasukuni shrine for Hatsumoude.
Chinese “They are fooling around!  I quit being their fan!”
I guess they never imagined that their Hatsumoude would bring such a chaos.

Below are Chinese people’s reaction to Yasukuni shrine Hatsumoude.

-  They are fooling around!

-  Such a shamed behavior…

-  Shitty small Japan!

-  I don’t know with which intention they went there..

-  AKB is the right wing!

-  Tomomi Itano and Haruka Shimazaki are totally right wing!

-  I guess they just visited there for praying on new year day, and it’s different from visitng Yasukuni for soldiers..

-  It’s the performance to get popularity in Japan, right?  Definitely!!

-  AKB is working hard..  They cannot get popularity if they don’t do this…  lol

-  They should have divine punishment.

-  One Japanese said..  ”Part of soldiers were killed by Chinese, so Chinese should come to apologize.”
(This might be comment of 2channel or twitter?)

-  Kill that person!

-  To tell the truth, I think it’s good that AKB members visit Yasukuni shrine for Hatsumoude.  Then, we could raise wariness against Japan.  There are so many ignorant people…

-  This is not praying for soldiers but just visiting for new year!

-  Well, Japanese have custom to visit shrine on new year…

-  Well, still I like Tomomi Itano.

-  On contrary, I hate her now….

-  She sharpened her chin too much!

-  I feel relieved my favorite member, Yuko Oshima didn’t go there.

-  They shouldn’t have been there if they know there are fans in China, too.

-  I’m totally disappointed.

-  Cannot they visit Yasukuni shrine even on new year because of historical background?

-  I boycott.  Their music is garbage!

-  They just went their for wishing their happiness, right?

-  Wishing happiness is okay.  We Chinese also wish our happiness, right?

-  Yasukuni shrine is famous as a shrine which has alot of visitors on new year, as well as  a shrine which enshrines together war criminals.  But it’s bad that they visited there.

-  AKB is militarism idol.

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