From foreigners eyes, Japanese convenience store’s products and vending machines’ drinks seem to be attractive.

Onigiri at convenience store “Why is it still soft and tasty after a while?”

Let me introduce the article of foreigners who came to Japan.  ^^
From foreign blog…

There are vending machine everywhere in Japan, we can get drink, food, soup, ice cream, sake and tabacco.  Vending machine’s drink has HOT drinks, too.
Each time I get thirsty, I tried to buy various drinks at the vending machine. I spent lots of money for that.  lol
But there are many types and it’s amazing. 
I wondered by not seeing people who eat or drink in the public place.  Only one American walks with a drink.  lol  Eating at the subway seems to be rude in Japan.  But sleeping might be okay.  I saw some people… 



The vending machine which interested me is this, “Calorie Mate”.  It’s written “Balanced food” “block”.  It interested me very much.


I think being able to buy the hot soup with vending machine is a great idea.
I felt somehow strange having corn soup with a can, though…  lol


I found ice cream vending machine, and bought one.  It’s covered with uninspiring papers.  What’s this?  It’s like cardboard…

Then, I went to Family Mart.
THis is one of my favorite shops.  Japanese convenience store, Family mart and Seven Eleven is like drug store.  It’s an awesome shop which has food, magazines and medicines.


Food sold at Family mart is incredibly amazing.
Curry, Oden, Soba, Spaghetti, eggs, potatoes and so on…
They are lined very well, and price is not so expensive.

There are many Japanese food you could eat immediately just after warming up at Family mart.  I hope there would be Family mart in my country seriously…


The quality of food in Japan is very high, and vegetables are fresh.
I think I would stop cooking if I could have these things.   lol


There are many warm food at counter.


Sometimes I could find “Nikuman”.
Nikuman is the steamed bread with meat and vegetables.  Some of them has sweet stuff inside.  (Anman)


They sell “Oden”, too.
Oden is Japanese traditional stew.  I like this very much!


Cake with pumpkin mousse.  It doesn’t have pumpkin taste, but it was very tasty.


We could find this “Barmkuhen” everywhere in Japan.  This is a layered small cake.


I just bought this with my interest.  I thought it’s like chocolate sugar stick, but….
It smells like smokey chocolate and very light.  It’s strange snack even I thought it contains only air.  It’s like old cotton candy.  
I don’t know if I wanna buy this again.  lol


I bought sweet potato stick, too.  It tasted potatoes more than I expected…  I expected much more creamy and soft…


Onigiri.  It’s important food that I could say I could live in Japan if I have this.
Triangle rice is covered with nori.  There is something inside.  It’s fish, chicken, etc.
I like Ikura.
The amazing point of Onigiri is I can feel fresh whenever I eat this!  Rice would never be hard after a while, and it’s really amazing that it’s always soft and tasty.

Foreigners’ comments who watched these drinks and convenience store products.

-  Warm stew and fresh noodle.  It looks incredibly tasty.
I hope there would be family mart in UK, too…

Blog Owner
Yeah.  I love quality of Japanese food.  I hope this would be opened here, too.

-  I wanna try that stuff like chocolate sugar stick!  You said it’s not tasty, but I wanna try!  What is your favorite food in Japan?

Blog Owner
Most of the things are fantastic.
Well, I wrote it’s like chocolate sugar stick, but it seems to be black sugar.
That snake tastes like burnt caramel.  
Well, the best food at Tokyo might be “Takoyaki”.  I missed it this time, so I plan to cook that at home!

-  Culture sometimes starts with imitation, but Japanese improves and creates the things beyond original.  Ramen is more tasty in Japan rather than in China?
Steam Gyoza is common in China, but Japanese grilled Gyoza is better!
Japanese curry and Tarako spaghetti is nice.  Please try them!

Blog Owner
Well, I don’t know if every ramen or Gyoza is better than Chinese one, though.
Japanese ramen and gyoza are different from Chinese ones.  I agree with that.  I’ve eaten Japanese curry and Tarako pasta.  These are very tasty!!!

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