It’s about the reaction to the video “Finland = Japan”
In this video, some common features of Japan and Finland are talked.  The video owner, Czech created this asked by a Finnish friend.
Common Features are…
1 Language (Same sound with different meaning)
2 Nature (Living with nature and protect it)
3 Science technology (Japan: Sony, Panasonic/ Finland: Nokia, Kone)
4 Isolated geographically
5 Meals (Main is fish)
6 Tradition of vessels
7 Sauna and Onsen (Importance of sanitary in culture)
8 Wooden building
9 Warriors (Samurai and Hakkapeliitta)
10 Baseball Culture (Pesapallo)
11 Relation with Russia 
12 Alcohol with high degree (Japanese Sake and Vodka)

It’s well known that Finlanders are shy.  I heard that cellphone spread rapidly because they are not good at talking directly.  Also I heard that they think their “comedy” is the best.  It’s very similar to Japanese.

Well, how foreigners react to this point?

We have anime event in many cities in Finland.  I think people living here heard that “Finland is Japan in Europe” at least once.  Even the Finnish product uses Japanese language for advertisement.  Well, we are different countries, but we are similar.  +3 

I’m proud of myself by watching with this video!  :)
I’m gonna start learning Japanese.  Let’s meet up in Tokyo!  +5 

I’m quarter of Finlanders, and love Japanese culture and martial arts.  So, common features of these two countries is very interesting.  Oh, I think I succeed the blood of Finlander’s shooting technique +2

I love Japan. I hope we would be closer.  +16 

I thought Finlanders and Japanese met in ancien period.  In real, I don’t think it happened, though.  yes, well, I’m a Finnish girl, but I feel Finland and Japan can be connected in various matters. 

Don’t forget Hardcore music!  There are so many underground bands in Japan and Finland.  These hardcore scene is accepted in the world, too just like Sweden and US band….  +4

Be best friend…  :)  +3

Woah.  =O  I’m not a Finlander nor Japanese.  But this video was very interesting.  =D

Living in Austria
OK.  It was interesting.  But I have to say as a Finlander.  This is just fun, nothing else!!!
But I’m glad to know there are people who love us!!!  Thank you Japan!!  +3 

I love Japanese people.  TV program is interesting, science technology is world’s No.1 and (personally) girls are very cute.  I love Japanese food, and I wanna go to Onsen.
I study Japanese, so I would visit Japan as an exchanged student.  Let’s meet up in Japan!  From Finland Otaku ^_^ +5

Well we both have the custom of taking off the shoes when we enter the house.  +4 

People in both countries love moomin…  +7

Okay.  This kind of comparison sometimes occur awkward feeling.  But some points in this video have the correct proof.  I read the book to know Finlanders.  I remember that it says “Finlanders behavior is similar to Asians compared to other Europeans.”  +5

I’m glad to watch this video.
Yes. we might share the similar language or other things.  But still we have the different culture.  Anyway, it’s a great video. 

We have other interesting common features.  Inari is the fox god in Japan.  In Finland, there is a lake Inari where the thunder God lives, covers Ukonkivy Island.  +6

It sounds just coincidence… 

Interesting.  I love both countries.  This video tells me the reason.  Both are very peaceful like heaven compared to crazy world.

…  I visited countries in Scandinavia, Korea, China and Japan.  To be honest, I thought Sweden is similar to Japan.  Japan is famous with its science and technology.  The common feature with Finland is only that.  Sweden has more similar features.

Finlanders and Japanese are shy.  Suomi, Helsinki and Oulu sounds like Japanese.   Some Sami people look like Japanese, too. +3 

What I can admit is the language structure and pronunciation.  I think both has Russia as a neighbor.  But the similarity of pronunciation is not surprising.  There is no proof technologically.   In total, this video is nonsense with no proof.  With this way, we can make common features with any two countries.  +19

List of common name or Japanese name which has some meaning in Finnish language. Ai, Aika, Aimi, Aina, Airi, Aki, Ami, Emi, Eri, Hana, Hikari,
Hinata, Inari, Jiro, Juro, Kanako, Kimi, Kumiko, Mami, Mariko,
Masa, Mika, Miki, Miku, Nami, Nana, Rika, Riko, Riku, Rina,
Sakura, Sakurako, Sato, Sora, Suomi, Tomiko, Toru……

My name is Riku.  It means ground in Japanese…

I think Ainu people and Sami people’s culture are similar… 

I must go to Japan.  Please accept the greeting from Finland!  :)  +6 

Finlanders study hard, but enjoy their time on party.  They enjoy their lives quietly.  They are beautiful people.  The most important is they are very polite and modest.
Japanese might not be the greatest in the world, but they seem to be the most modest and   gracious in Asia.  +20

The remarkable common feature is that we accept the silence in conversation.  I think it’s only Japan and Finland.   +8 

I love both countries. But these common features are farfetched… 

I’m Swedish.  I love Japanese nature scenery rather than Nordic nature. It’s more magical, and also it’s warmer in Japan.   +10

I think Finlanders and Japanese are totally different.  Finlanders are negative, but Japanese are positive.  Finlanders work only for themselves, but Japanese work for society.  Finlanders feel bad to meet someone they don’t know, but Japanese behave friendly with anybody. 

Both Finland and Japan are peaceful countries!  +27 

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