When Japanese eat noodles, we slurp them.  
For foreigners who have manner that they don’t make sound while they eat, this custom seems to be culture shock.
It is said we could enjoy soba with the taste and scent by slurping it with air.  This might be similar that sommeliers make sound in their mouth and let wine stir with air.  Personally, I think explaining with this example would be easy to understand for foreigners.
Actually, when we eat noodle with chopsticks, slurping is easier.

In this video, the reason why Japanese slurp ramen.  How do foreigners react to this?

WOW.  For eating with five senses?
It sounds like supernatural power.  :D +29

I heart not making sound is breach of manners in Japan. 

I usually slurp when it’s tasty and hot.  I don’t like cold and soggy ramen.  >.<

But slurping spaghetti is weird…
Well, anyway I will try it! 

Holding dishes are breach of manners.  :(

It is said making sound shows how tasty it is.  But is it true? 

One of the sound I don’t like is slurping noodles. 

Living in Japan
Then, you cannot come to Japan.   :D  +92 

I like slurping noodles, but soup splash on my face.  Personally I don’t like that. 

When I eat cup ramen, I always slurp…
My mother gets angry though…  w  I always say that it’s normal in Japan…
But she stars at me and says “stop it”… 

It’s same in China.  But it’s not obligation, it’s like custom in that culture. 

When nobody is at home, I slurp.  w
But I don’t make sound when I eat outside. 

It is important if they make sound whatever they eat or just for noodles. 

I slurp ramen!!
Sometimes the soup splashes on my face, but it’s the pleasure of ramen!! 

It sounds strange, but also cool.
I’m glad to know how they slurp.  I doubted if I really can do that.
Making sound is rude here, too, and it’s allowed only when we are children.  If my mother points this out, I would say “It’s Japanese style!”  W 

I cannot slurp.  Noodles don’t reach to my mouth….
The video owner is the professional of slurping ramen!! 

I slurp spaghetti and noodles…  so? 

I live in USA, but my parents are Chinese.  My parents taught me that I must hold a bowl and slurp noodles for showing how tasty it is.  If I didn’t hold a bowl, they scolded me.  w

It should be normal in Japan, but it makes me laugh!  w 

Making sound is breach of manners in Singapore, too.
Some people slurp, but they are stared by people around them.  
When I went to Japan, I felt freedom!  I made big sound there!

Well, you can wind up in Italy, to.  I think they are said they cannot wind them up on a spoon.  It’s the way children do, so.  It’s not breach of manners.  Of course we should not make sound, though!   =)

Hong Kong
Hum…  I’m Chinese living in Hong Kong, slurping is breach of manners.
I thought it’s a common sense among Chinese people, but there is a comment that some Chinese slurp…  :O

In Hong Kong, the manner of China and US might combine?  w 

Honestly, eating ramen without slurping is impossible.
It’s out of discussion that eating ramen like eating spaghetti.  So, just slurp when you eat ramen!  :D 

Winding pasta up is not breach of manners.  Well, they don’t wind up on a spoon like Americans, though.

Everyone slurps in Korea, too.  It’s been 11 years since I moved to USA, but I never thought slurping is breach of manners.  It looks they enjoy eating!  +53 

Puerto Rico
My grandmother cut spaghetti because slurping is breach of manners.  w 

Everyone slurps in Thailand, but mother gets angry because the table becomes messy. 

Slurping is for showing the appreciation to chef and how they enjoy the meals…  Isn’t it? 

I’m Chinese, and I just wait…  until it gets cold.
Well, I live in US now, so it’s free however I eat!!! 

I’m Filipino born in Indonesia.  Many people slurp here!

I’m Vietnamese moved to US.  My family slurps!!

From Vietnam.  I slurps, but my parents don’t like that.  :P
We have the manner that we should not look at one’s eyes while we talk. 

I slurped before I knew it’s Japanese manner.  w
My mother scolds me, though. 

This video is very interesting.
I wondered why Japanese people eat like this in Japanese restaurant.
I thought they just needed to hurry for catching up to their work.  w
It’s not bad because it’s different from jawing.

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