Foreigner  ”Japanese have bowing culture from children to adults.  I think this is really amazing.”

It’s said that Japanese are polite.  One of the reason seems to be this bowing culture.

Actually, many foreigners seem to think that bowing is one of the typical Japanese culture.  That’s why so many foreigners bow when they meet Japanese people in Japan even they don’t have that custom in their own countries.


-  Japanese politeness is really amazing.  

-  Children bowed three times for crossing the street…  Isn’t it too much?  

-   Well, Japanese show appreciation when the cars stop for crossing the street, but this looks too much.  lol  

-  Even drivers bow when we give the path! lol  

-  Totally different from China…  

-  We can feel like we are loyal family at the Japanese department store!  lol  

-  Japanese customer service is the world’s no.1!!!  

-  I love Japan too much!  

-  Japanese are polite, but they have two characteristics.  They let us laugh with violence at comic show.  

-  Bowing is the general manner in Japan.  We raise the hand up for showing appreciation.  Bowing means the same for Japanese people.

-  In foreign countries, they have kissing custom.  I think bowing is same as that in Japan.  

-  But keeping that is kind of weird for me.  

-  I respect this Japanese great culture.  

-  Japan is really interesting and funny.  Amazing!

-  They respect each other.  Fantastic!  

-  WOW.  They are like Obama!  

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