Studio Gibli, the long animation « Ponyo » was released at 800 cinemas in the world.

This might be the trailer…
Hum….? French???
Blood: The Last Vampire was released at 11 cinemas at least.
The reaction at the foreign major anime site ANN was like this…
« I don’t like this art style, but I would watch this. »
« This might be a great chance for Ponyo because Spirited Away was released at 719 cinemas (in US) »
« Anime film might come to my town theater!!! The last anime film here was Yu-gi-oh… »
« Anime film is always released at the west side of California. I hope they would release this on my side!!! »
«Shit. I need to drive to LA for watching Blood….. »
« What? Blood would not be released in NY!? No way »
« I like all Disney dubbed by Gibli film »
« I think Kiki’s dub was very nice. »
« Cowboy bebop film was great… I wanna see Ponyo with a big screen, too! »

Ponyo seemed to be welcomed, but they seemed not to be excited..
Well, but the work is not Gleen Lagann, so this calm reaction might be normal.
On contrary, Blood has such hot fans. It’s an enough old work, but they want to watch this at cinema…
The sense of going to cinema, theater is different from Japanese and American. For them, it’s like just stopping by etc..?
Anyway, Ponyo is expected to gather more people than Princess Mononoke. So it might be a great chance. I wish its success…
 Ponyo Hand Pappet
(It’s cute.. and a bit scary….?)

Let’s move to the main topic.
It’s about the worst anime addiction… But so many foreign otaku talked about the different from the main topic. Some said their pride as anime fan…
If you are interested in, please read next. :)


worst anime addiction
Oct 9 2008

shadowanubis Manila 17 yo Male
some of you buy some anime magazine, collects anime pics and more…have you experience this? if you do, what is your WORST ANIME ADDICTION?

it is that i sometimes dream about it =.=

Xippo 16 yo Male
Hey, you’re not the only one………XD

ulee_chan 21 yo Female
yeah.. me too! ==_____________==;;

aaron199999 Male
Didn’t do well in my exams because of anime

zoalee Sydney Female
same here!! lol

saunderscowie UK 18 yo Male
The hole in my pocket; resulting in buying manga

archclan USA 18 yo Male
Bought some anime stuff lol so now my pocket has a big hole

flooze USA 19 yo Female
Sigh I doodle manga, I watch anime, I decorate my myspace and my imeem with anime
My imeem is full of anime music, My photobucket is full of anime pics, I only ever go online
to either watch anime or read manga or to look for anime pics . . . when I’m working
or at school I daydream about manga. . .
Sigh  I need help

Eyes17k 20 yo
All of my money is for university but if i had more i would like to buy some anime stuff

couldn’t sleep because of anime…not because i was watching it, i just couldn’t stop thinking about it…it was haunting me  oh, it once caused major depression too  =(

foxy12 20 yo
coudn’t sleep cause of school days ……

chronomasakari California 22 yo Male
I’m an obsessive person and if I find a series that’s complete and want to watch it I will watch the whole thing. Manga too. I spent the other day reading School Rumble. All 283 chapters, it took me like 12 hours.

dimsumpwns Netherlands 19 yo Male
lol uhhh…. not that i do it but the hentai of the anime is always a good alternative O.o im JOKEING!

zincer Canada 19 yo Male
think about anime during the test?

ShadowZ-Kamui Australia 18 yo Male
I Buy The Lighters ( I Don’t Smoke )
I Change Wallpapers even made a .Gif image out of them :D
I made a forum dedicated to it
I Use the Anime as a Myspace Layout
Hardcore Anime Addict

akagi_whitecome 19 yo Male
I want to kill the world so badly just to make it my own anime world..

Archangel768 Australia 16 yo Female
if i had a job i would buy everything to do with anime in the whole world.

Dream_life USA 21 yo Female
well, umm, if i start watching one i cant rest until i finish it, or if something is going on i cant sleep until i see the end of tht thing

carmensakura07 16 yo Female
Writes anime character names in my skool essay

tropack 23 yo Female
well i pay some to get myself at customed made anime action figure

khoolheengh Philippine 17 yo Female
waking up as early as 2:00 am to watch anime and read manga online… and buying lots of anime stuff (dvds, posters, mags, etc…)
 K-On! Yui Hirasawa T-shirt L

shan-yue UK 14 yo Female
i only get £10 a MONTH and it all goes 2 manga
i cosplay
i dream about it
im READIN it now as we speak and hav 24 windows open of anime loading
im also making a amv at the moment
i have random japanese names all over everything,eg. books at school, bedroom door…
i started randomly crying in class wen i think ive worked out my fav character is gonna die
i doodle it
ALL my xmas stuff is anime
im on here purly 2 watch more anime
i found the first fy in school (woo) n had it oer due 4 578 days…
all my school prodjects r anime rel8ed
i want 2 be a anime artist when older
i learn all anime songs on keybord
i learn japanese
then*long story but this is already long*::::

BigBooss Jamaica 21 yo Male
anime anxiety ( anime blues) cant wait for the next episode to come out some times one week seems so long

Trying everything I can do that is related to the anime….say, my friends does everything like L from Death Note.

lythea Australia 23 yo Male
there was a time that i didnt do anything but watch animes… even if i’m bored with watching animes in general, i still had to find some anime to watch… and it’ll be like wake, watch anime, sleep. That was my worst addiction..

LenaIeeXAllen Female
I cry wen i think that my Favourite anime characters is going to die
I go emo after i watched the last episode of D.Gray-man
I learn japanese by following or listening to the japanese words that the seiyuu(s) said.
I wanna be a seiyuu when i grow older
I celebrated my favourite anime character birthday BWAHAHAHAHAHA.
& i think im not the only one who does that.

kurotsuki007 California 21 yo Male
My current desktop theme is Asa-senpai from Shuffle…
I have Wall scrolls….
Pocky is the ONLY snack….
I have been learning Japanese by watching anime….
I buy raw manga magazines from Japan….

Miss_Jazzalyn Australia 19 yo Female
In the holidays I stayed up for three nights in a row watching Bleach episodes.
Although, back in Year 5, I collected all this Pokemon merchandise – I had cards, books, a t-shirt, a set of PJs, plushies, a poster…and probably more.

SkeletalReaper 14 yo Male
Hmm.. not mine, but EVERYONE ELSES! its… HARUHIISM

leelixian 24 yo Female
I talk to myself in class and on the bus like…”What anime should I watch today?” “Ouran. Ok. yeah.” and people look at me like I’m nuts

reginatigs 23 yo Female
INSOMNIA….. feels like i’m always high and i dont feel sleepy… and then i realized, it’s already sun rise….

bedtyme 20 yo Male
-Having taken up japanese classes just to understand what my videos say without looking at the subtitles
-staying up for countless days just to finish a series
-not being able to finish a project because I was too preoccupied with anime
-wanting to go to japan

mahoharuhi 13 yo Male
i lost my friends because i started to speak japanese

Allhailodin 19 yo Male
well i have over 5 gigs of ecchi pics on my hard drive, and its still growing. so i guess that counts.

Poptartzrox 69 yo Female
i dream things i should not dream things about him.
god *nosebleed*

magzsta Australia Female
mmmm just wishing that the characters were real cause they are too hot….
singing the theme songs listening to them over and over again, downloading images and saving screen shots…
buying the figurines and drawing my favourite anime characters…..

-joey15- Philippine 20 Female
Gunpra….. !! O_O 


Wow. Young 20 yo girl is a Gunpra Junky…
It’s not the worst, it’s the best!!!!
She would have many invitation from Gunpra male fans… So, I don’t think you should stop!
I guess you can enjoy the conversation with Keroro, too…
 1/144HGUCHi- New Gundam

I sometimes dream of anime. But the character I love doesn’t appear, and the character I don’t care appear.. When Kawachi of Yakitate Japan appeared and said to me « Nanndeyanenn? », I strongly thought it’s my phrase…. I hope Rider-san would appear in my dream…

Many people said they couldn’t sleep. Even some said Insomnia…
Well, this might be addition…
I stay up for watching anime, but I always sleep when I get in a bed. So if you cannot, you are totally addicted…
Well, Japanese get used to watch many anime, but foreigners seem to start watching recently. So their mind might be confused by watching many anime in a short time…. Just an idea…. O_o

Celebrating the favorite character’s birthday lolol
Foreigners do this, too…
Also, the boy who lost friends once he started speaking Japanese… I don’t understand. What kind of situation did you have? ^^;


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