This is the second season. The first season was very popular in Japan and foreign countries, but this season 2 was not popular because of poor work.
Well, I felt some wrongness between story atmosphere and characters.
But it was enough interesting. If I could get used to this character design, I could enjoy it more..
This season 2 seemed to be streaming delivery in the other countries. One staff of the foreign major anime site ANN wrote the article about this.
Overall (Englsih Sub) B+
Story A
Animation C
Art C+
Music B+

He evaluated this anime enough highly, according to ANN’s evaluation measure.
I think it’s rare to see A for story. Animation and Art seemed to be burdon for this anime. Which studio created this?
Oh… according to wikipedia, it changed from Madhouse (season 1) to Artland… But this studio created Shishi or Titania!! Why couldn’t they create this with Shishi’s quality….?

Let’s move to the main topic.
It’s about the title as it is.
Please read next if you are interested in. :)


Survey: K-ON’s Mio, Reborn’s Hibari are #1 Bride, Groom
The Japanese music distributor Recochoku has postedthe results of its annual survey of which anime characters that people would like to marry. While the top ten “brides” were all new this year except for two, six of the top ten “grooms” are repeats from last year.

The character I want to be My Bride
1. moi Akiyama K-On!
2. Hinagiku Katsura Hayate the Combat Butler
3. Taiga Aisaka Toradora!
4. Rukia Kuchiki Bleach
5. Yuki Nagato The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
6. Azusa Nakano K-On!
7. Chrome Dokuro Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
8. Sheryl Nome Macross F
9. Yui Hirasawa K-On!
10. Asuka Langley Sohryu Neon Genesis Evangelion

The Character I want to be My Groom
1. Kyouya Hibari Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
2. Gintoki Sakata Gintama
3. Toshiro Hitsugaya Bleach
4. Mukuro Rokudo Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
5. Sougo Okita Gintama
6. Date Masamune Sengoku Basara
7. Tsunayoshi Sawade Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
8. Ichigo Kurosaki Bleach
9. Sebastian Muchaelis Kuroshitsuji
10. Toushirou Hijikata Gintama

Recochoku conducted the survey on the Internet from May 28 to June 1 on an unspecified number of its users.
Source: Mainichi Shimbun’s Mantan Web

 Some Comments for this article ☆

Teriyaki Terrier
Wow, that is really pathetic. Don’t these people these characters aren’t real?

I think we might be seeing this a little out of context seeing the titles it looks like this was mostly young titles so most likely young kids answered the question.
If I was given the question what anime dude would you like to marry I could think of a character to answer with, but I’m not taking the questions seriously. It’s kind of a fun what if thing. It’s the same with movie stars I know I’m never ever going to date one but sometimes its fun to think of it.

…Woah, there’s no Hetalia characters. That surprised me.
But if I had to pick a fictional character to marry, it’d definitley be Vocaloid’s KAITO. -shakes head at these ladies tastes-
I’m also surprised at the alarming lack of anyone from Kannagi, considering the massive fanclub Nagi had before with its $100 dollar member cards. I know alot of the more shallow fans left her after ‘that’ revelation, but I thought Zange-chan was still popular…
 Nendoroid Zange-chan

what? Am i alone on this. I have never thought about this ever in my life. I watch anime to get away from stupid stuff like this. I watch it to see a good complicated story and characters, unlike a lot of media here. This article just made me feel stupid. Some people seriously need to get outside a bit.

TatsuGero23 USA
Teriyaki Terrier, you are no fun sometimes.
Like brand said, its just a little silly poll that really shouldnt be taken too seriously or make you ponder the mentality of the over-obsessed otaku and what might be wrong with some of them. Your just reading too much into it.
And I would totally love to have Yuki or Rukia be my wife.
See. Have fun with yourself. If you get embarrassed by this then you’ve already lost at being an otaku or anime fan.

TatsuGero23 USA
Am I the onlyone who finds it humorous that they skipped the pitfall of making a stupid statement by skipping Haruhi Suzumiya (crazy, maybe a bit dangerous), and Ritsu from K-on (crazy), but then somehow NGE’s Asuka got in there?

When I first read the article’s title, I thought it meant the poll indicated that voters wanted K-ON’s Mio and Reborn’s Hibari to wed. The thought made me twitch.

For a moment, I thought they said Mio and Hibari should get married.
…He’d KILL her!
Actually, Hibari’s a jerk, I can’t understand that one. But I’m a girl and even I’d marry Mio X3
I think the guys’ tastes are better than the girls’…

Blood- Toronto
Wow, that Hibari dude must be some kind of stud to be picked top groom two years in a row. Glad to see my gal Taiga is on the list.

Wait, did somebody say something about anime characters not being REAL???

vtnwesley Pennsylvania
They are only real if you believe… or own a creepy body pillow. o.O

I wonder what would happen if this was done in America?

Panda Man North Carolina
Everyone would be all “That’s pathetic, I would never vote.” Then they would secretly vote even though they are embarrassed. People take things to seriously.
I myself would have voted for Taiga.

I never realised Gintoki was such a bishie ;)  2nd 2 years in a row.
No idea what women I’d pick. Probably Yakumo from School Rumble

While I realize this poll and its results are meant to be taken as light and harmless fun, the one reason I shudder is because I wonder if, among the participants, there was anybody of a similar mindset to that otaku in Japan who tried to petition for an marriage license to wed Mikuru Asahina of TMoHS last year.
No, I’m totally not making that up. True (and thus somewhat sad) story.

So the ladies have been holding a torch for the same characters for years, while the guys once again have hopped onto the newest, shiniest and most moe characters (mostly from the last two seasons).

firedragon54738 USA
asahina mikuru is not on that list that suck but Mio Akiyama is still good

bleuster USA
That list is crazy!
Mugi-chan is way more waifu material than Mio.

YAY HIBARI YOU’RE NUMBER 1!!!!! I would marry you too!!!

WTF! Azusa Nakano is #6.. She is the Loli! O_O

Veers Texas
What’s wrong!?

Big Hed Australia
If I choose my wife from that list… definitely Sheryl…
 Macross F Sheryl Nome

I don’t know whether to be amused or saddened at just how pathetic this is…

Sakagami Tomoyo Melbourne
In fact, when I saw the list I was surprised Mikuru wasn’t on there, what with the fuss that had been made over that petition. It is a pleasant surprise that Yuki’s there though, this tells me that a lot of people favour the intelligent, kickarse character over the deliberate moeblob.

Anyone else find it interesting how all the girls’ picks are from shonen manga? (although Kuroshitsuji is debatable I’ll admit)

I cannot understand why Hibari is so popular.
It’s like first ticket of the direct ticket to the grave. All women are masochist?
Also, don’t understand why hibiya is still popular.
Myself, I definitely choose Azusa. Sure Yuki is nice, though.

I’m not surprised Hibiya’s ranking in. He’s the most popular character in Bleach.
Also, he succeeds style from Hunter Hunter’s Kirua.
And this!


Oh… Shotacon!!
I really didn’t understand why Hibiya is popular so much. But now, I understand.
Anime fans at ANN are not trained well… The first comment of this thread is the one from cannot understand the humor… Some of them are like him, too. Just enjoy!! Anime itself is fiction….

I was surprised Azunyan was on 6th position. She passed Mugi and Ritsu… oh…
Some foreigners commented about that, too. Lolicon, or it’s crazy Mugi is not on the list etc. Mugi seems to be popular in foreign countries…. Ritsu… nobody mentioned… ^^
Well, I choose definitely Hinagiku!!!
From Bleach… not Rukia but Rangiku!!! ^^

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