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The bonus of Japanese game talked at Danny-san’s site, the foreign major game site, kotaku, foreign animesite japanator….
It’s Saber Figure!

Maybe you don’t notice why it’s not normal with your first glance. Actually I didn’t notice either.
But if you look at it carefully, you would find it out!!
Yes, Saber’s cloth is transparent and you can see her panty!!
It’s clever…
I don’t think it matches to Saber characteristic, though.
I want them to do this with Rider… O_o
 Fate/Extra (Limited) Bonus Fate/the fact Eigetsu no syo
(Trailer of the film….. yet?)

Let’s move to the main topic.
It’s about the title as it is.
I was hooked in from the episode 1, and also enjoyed this episode 3. Finally Misaki appeared in the story, too. Kobayashi’s character design is…..
If you are interested in, please read next. :)

Darker than BLACK – Ryuusei no Gemini Episode 3 Discussion

Charliehsv Kyoto 20 yo Male
This is an anime only discussion post. Do not discuss the manga beyond this episode.
So much happened this episode..
First of all…need more info about Yin nao! Especially after the very last scene on the boat. Just what is going on! ;_;
Hei without powers isn’t nearly as badass as he was before, so I really hope that he gets them back soon.
Hazuki and Suou/July combo really beat him in that department this episode.
Other than that, Suou’s awakening was pretty cool her teamwork with July was totally badass and I love that anti-tank(?) rifle. Judging from the reactions of the other characters it was a quite major event and I’m really curious about what effects it has/will have except for Suou seemingly becoming a contractor.
While I was expecting Nika to die, I hoped that he’d die in a…nicer way. Getting munched on by a swarm of insects is just ugh.
More Kirahara aswell, and it’s quite obvious that she will accept the offer to join Kobayashi’s organization despite the warnings. Information about Hei will most likely be too tempting for her.
Anyway, with July in tow,it’s off to Japan where Shion is believed to be. ^^

kerobear Female
I used to like Tanya but after being so heartless and killing Nika. F*CK!
This is so depressing….
Other than that great episode. Great to see Suou awakening her contractor powers>:P

athyra Female
Agree. So much happened this episode…
Wow. Just wow.
While I expect Nika to die…i didn’t expect it to happen this ep, and such a gruesome way too…
Tanya!! Grrr. July/Suou combo – WIN. The anti-tank rifle is just…wow. The others just got OWNED
Totally didn’t expect July to tag along?
Oh man, sucha cryptic message… what Hei said in the end.. ?_? “Yin…I killed that woman”

hikky USA
He said “Kill” and not “Killed”.

Shurtugal Singapore 18 yo Female
I hope 3 things will happen in the following episodes:
1. Hei gets his power back (!!!)
2. More about what happened to Yin (!!)
3. Hei gets a shave (!?)
Overall, an OK episode… July was a gd addition.

Tsunami Israel
Woah .. this is getting a little out of hand.
I don’t like the fact that Hei has lost his powers & as biased as I am for DtB (as it has been my fave series) I don’t really like the new contractor powers that Suou has received.

Aero  Male
Squirl Mao lol.

metalsnakezero New York Male
It looks Yin did something bad and Hei wants to stop it.
Hei lost his abilities but still able to see ghost so he may still be a contractor.
Suou is now a contractor with the ability to ……… summon a sniper rifle?
July joins! Doesn’t he work for the UK?
Mao is alive, yay. But now he’s a squirrel, lol.
and Kirihara really wants Hei, aww.

KingDeadKira New York 19 yo Male
He didn’t see any ghost, he was only telling her what they could do.
Come on man, July only joined so he can kill Hei, isn’t it obvious?
NUUU, i want Cat MAO! but at least he’s alive.

Sniper Rifle
Anti-tank rifle – PTRD (ProtivoTankovoye Ruzhyo Degtyaryova)
Produced 1941–1945
Weight 17.3 kg
Length 2,020 mm
Barrel length 1,350 mm

Thank you for the info ;-)

francismeunier France 21 yo Male
What exactly is moxibustion (that payment Shizume has to do for using his powers)?

metalsnakezero New York 20 yo Male
moxibustion is real

filachan Russia 28 yo Female
Great ep, I watched it in one breath, but hey… I want old Hei back—shaved and clean, non-alcoholic and humane… >.>

metalsnakezero New York 20 yo Male
From watching the ending again it looks like Hei was forced to kill Yin and wants to kill the women that made him do it or something really bad happen to Yin and Hei wants payback.
BTW Tanya looks pretty sexy


This series, while good has mostly paled in comparison to the first one which had a more interesting plot with better characters. Hopefully it will pick up and move the focus back to the series’ protagonist, but even if it doesn’t, it will still be a pretty good series, albeit worse than the first one.
I really doubt they are stupid enough to do it, but if Hei’s powers were permanently given to Suou, it is pretty much the final nail in the coffin…

DeathReaper Srilanka
Woah! Hei lost his powers! Suou became a contractor! Mao is still alive! And Hei wants to kill Yin (at least thats what the BSS Subs said…)No wait the subs said ‘ Yin…I…, I will kill “her” ‘. I dont think by ‘her’ he means Yin, Hei probably means someone else!

AAAAAARGH cant wait to watch episode 4!

Hurray for bringing back one of my favorite characters~
B-but Nika is deaaaaad. (Kinda was expecting him to die, but that was a HORRIBLE way to do it. D: )

LenaleeMelodee Russia 21 yo Female
I’m particulary interested in the second season, since it’s about Russia (and I’m Russian).
But damn, that would be an ideal world if Russians spoke Japanese instead of Russian xDD And CLOTHES! There’s no way we’d wear such light clothes in winter! It’s more like early autumn.
I’m sorry about Nika.. he was nice… Actually, his type of a man is like one in a million in Russia. (Long story why)

EternalDreamer Sweden 21 yo Male
No offence but the Russian language sound like shite so personally I’m very glad the stick to Japanese ;)

Fiendie 21 yo Male
This episode was SO BAD.
1. magical pink contractor transformation.
2. magical sniper gun that is apparently made of pink sparkles.
3. Mao the flying squirrel. (or whatever that thing is)
4. lame Yin flashback (seriously, it looked like something straight out of bad shoujo)
5. that little bitch stole Hei’s powers :C
6. Nika. He’s cute, but his ‘love conquers all’ attitude is really annoying.
7. Hei looks like a total hobo…
The fight was nice though!

Traveller Male
Im REALLY curious who he means with ” her” .
The episode was awesome though , I liked the scene when she became a contractor and starts shooting everyone with her huge rifle.

smokes Italy 20 yo Male
Many things in this episode, but it was most interesting.. XDDDDD

Hei_And_Ed_Lover Geneva  Female
Did you notice the new star didn’t appear when Suou became a contractor? Will it show up later?

Dhuaine Female
Kirihara was gone? I miss something?
Kirihara’s friend who is working at IOA didn’t do anything when she was told the BK201 star disappeared. It’s strange. Normally the scientist got excited about that kind of thing, right?

Lavatry 16 yo Male
In total it was a good episode with full of action.
But I wanna say one thing. Squirrel Mao doesn’t match with his character. Hei with machine gun either.

Cenedess 18 yo Female
Wth, moe points XD
Hei likes slapping girls, apparently.
Hum? You feel more at that point!?
My reaction was opposite, though…
I never understand woman’s moe point…. ^^
Well, but situation is like this? Guys feel moe to the scene queen slaps a boy? If it is, I may understand… O_O 
 Jyoousama ga Ippai 1

I felt this DARKER THAN BLACK episode 3 is popular as before.
Many people seemed to be happy to know Mao is still alive. Honestly I was surprised to know she was loved so much.
I think she was not an adorable character in season 1. Because she looks like a cat, so?Actually there are both opinions about Pteromys momonga… Happy she is alive, but why momonga?
Foreigners express this squirrel or flying squirrel, but real Mao seems to be a Pteromys momonga. Well, it’s not important, though… O_o

July becomes a company. At least he started acting with Hei. Foreigners seemed to be happy about that. Well, it’s a happy betray? I didn’t expect that, so I got excited to this development, too. Also combo attack with Suou seemed to be popular. About Suou becoming a contractor, opinions were separated. Some said it’s interesting, and the other said that transformation scene is ugly, or they don’t like the skill with rifle stuff…

Many people complained about that Hei lost his power. People who loved Hei acting well shocked about this. Many hoped he would recover his power asap…
I don’t know why but some misunderstand that Suou stole Hei’s power. It’s not that setting, right? Especially female fans hate to see hobo-like Hei… Many said « Shave! »
Also Nika’s death…..
(Nika is cheerful at OP….. sad)

The last word of Hei.
That phrase may mention he wants to kill Yin… They talked alot about this. I guess Fansab English subtitle expressed the both way. Original Japanese didn’t have the exact meaning. So, i cannot say anything about that now. Well, I agree with people who care about that.

Personally, nobody pointed out that! Zetsubou Shita!
Well, it’s definitely Golgo, right?

I wonder why nobody react on this. I even checked the other form, too. I found one person who said Golgo 13 at animesuki. Hum. Happy to know that!
At last… Kirihara’s uniform style is perfect!!! ^^;



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