Japanese government is trying to export the linear to USA.  
On Nov 15, the prime minister Abe had discussion with ex NY mayer and other economic leaders of USA about the export.  They had the trial ride on 16th.   
In USA, tere is the project connecting Washington D.C. and NY, and estimating one hour for 330km.  

-  Japan passed western countries with the developed innovative manufacturing.  Yeah, western companies have innovation, too. But because of ridiculous license etc, we are totally behind now.  

-  Train?  Is it yummy?  +2  

-  We want streets and huge parking lot.  This is the reality of American.  Then, we complain “Why are there so many cars?” “It’s so dirty!”…  

-  I want that.  US has many carriers.  Why don’t you exchange it with that?  

-  I guess US air companies would press before this is concluded.  

-  If the Japanese train system coems to USA, it should be awesome.  Amtrak is too expensive and it’s not practical for going to work.  Then, we use cars or planes…  

-  If it comes true, it should be awesome, but do you think USA has enough money?   +2  

-  Well, why USA doesn’t try to make one by itself?  

-  I will pay the tax with pleasure if they use the money for these things!  

-  The power compromising the government.  I hope Japan has more of it than what American people have.  

-  Washingto D.C. to NY?  Then, why doesn’t it connect NY to LA?  It should be awesome!   +2  

-  It should be awesome.  But planes are cheaper than trains now…   

-  It’s the beginning of Japan and Germany technique war.  American want both of them…  

-  I got excited to hear this news, but also felt sad.  I’m sure this would not be concluded soon.  

-  I thank you, Japan!   +2  

-  It should come true!  Then connect to Canada too!  

-  Onegaishimasu!   +56  

-  If Toronto can participate in this project, it should be awesome…   +35  

-  No country can stand before Japan about trains.  Rapid, safe, comfortable and the price is reasonable.  I experienced that!   +1513

-  Year, I agree except about the price.   +43 

-  Not every trains in Japan is shinkansen.  Normal trains are cheap and faster than our express!   +38  

-  Hey!  We want that for Christmas!!!  

-  Didn’t we have the project of shinkansen conneting LA and Las Vegas?  Actutally we always talk about that.   +5  

-  I got excited and my thin stick in the wall!  Trains run in the air with technology!  I saw “It would start working in 2027 in Japan”…  Japan would have the experiment in USA?   +3  

-  If linear comes to USA, it should be disaster.  Even the maintenance of the street is not enough… 

-  It should be awesome!  Good bye days spending 2 hours for going to work..   +3  

-  Well, the transportation in USA is horrible.  There are so many tired visitors everywhere. 

-  Why don’t you sell this to UK?  The service is horrible here.  Dirty, late and often cancelled, and also expensive!!  We can’t rely on it.  

-  In US, driving cars is cheaper than taking trains!  

-  Japanese technology is really cool, but how do we manage for that linear?

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