Syoujyo Fight 7 special binding version Syoujyo Fight 7 Original version

I could get rare special binding version.
Well that’s bonus is « Syonen Fight ». I enjoyed a lot of topics. Kazuhiko Shimamoto devoted all his energy as always. Makoto Yurimura’s work I expected was not there.
Personally, I liked Nekomanga of Kitamichci-san.
Oh, Syojyo Fight 7! It was excellent!! It was my favorite character, Inugami Kyoko’s turn!!
Usually she is carefree and natural, but I could see her seriousness in volume 7. Has she ever showed such various faces before? No, she hasn’t !! ^^
With this Kyoko-san satisfies me enough, and also the main character, Neri is super cool in this volume.
« Then, I revive this as a good memory! I do! » She declares that on the court… She saved herself because of her past etc, but this scene is like her waking up truly. Kyoko-san was impressed by her words and had tears in her eyes…. I cried too…. Yes, I cried!
Yeah, this manga is very interesting… Please animelize this!! ^^
 Nekomonogatari (kuro) (Kodansya BOX)

Then let’s move to the main topic.
It’s about BRS anime DVD I got as a bonus of Hobby Japan September.
Hum… It’s totally different from what I expected.
The evaluation of this is both good and bad in Japan and the other countries, too.
I don’t think it’s bad, but humm. It lacks something.
Well, if you wanna know foreigners’ reaction about this BRS, please read next. :

Black★Rock Shooter Episode 1 Discussion

Blackbird Sweden
This is an anime only discussion post. Do not discuss the manga beyond this episode.
Yeah finally the raw is out. Discuss the first episode of OVA here.

Sicilian Moscow 21 yo Male
It’s extreeeeeemly boring.

kennikitty Germany 22 yo Female
They should explain what happened in parallel universe.

subtle3ntropy New York 20 yo Male
Is this «Higurashi no Naku Koro ni» ?? lol

Squirrelpaw4970 Scotland 14 yo Female
It’s impossible there is no Insane Black Rock Shooter!

Hoppy Male
Battle scene and pictures are great. But girls daily part is so boring.
It’s nice OVA in total…. I expect for the next. 8.5/10

HakoTan Finland Female
It’s definitely like the first part, so the second part should be released.
Episode is different from what I expected. I think that trailer is kinda misleading.
I felt some wrongness about story development, too. Actually I like to watch cute girls doing something cute, but this anime made me think it should have more action.

Kuro4735 Atlanta 19 yo Male
After watching I have so many ??? in my head. Some one please teach me!!!
Action scene is very good and Soundtrack is awesome.
But in total I think this OVA could be much better. Background and animation are very very beautiful, though….

I don’t say I didn’t enjoy it. Animation was great and the short scene in the strange parallel universe was gorgeous with that soundtrack.
But I still cannot understand that plot.
Well, not all characters appear now. Well, I should expect for next…

 Norway 18 yo Female
I got so disappointed…
I don’t like. I cannot stop myself once I open my mouth to say how much I disappointed, so I stop here….
The part drawn BRS’s world is my favorite.
Battle scene was impressive, animation had no problem, music was good (I like ED, too) and Characters are also great.
I’m sad because I could see Black Gold Saw and Strength only a little. If they created BRS anime series with 12 episodes, I could forget this pity first episode….

taim Female
At first, animation and all others were great. But why this BRS needed to have ridiculous school drama like other anime?! It’s like «Manabi Straight! »
Plot was slippery, too.
Sigh.. this is my second time to be decoyed in anime Summer… 

LadyOrihime Washington 25 yo Female
That «girls school » scene was past, and BRS world’s scene is present, I think. The scene of Mato happened before she became BRS.
It’s so obvious that Yu is Strength. Lol
Just after Strength sliding down the cliff, Mato got injured and Yu appeared.
Yu acted suspiciously at the end. They have the same hair style! XD

 Washington 25 yo Female
I think nobody can talk in that parallel universe. That’s why they need to communicate with weapons or hugs… lol

Screamie 16 yo Female
At first, the scene the girls wakes up in the bed made me think « Hum? I watch « K-ON » now? »

FaithoftheFallen California Male
It was talked alot and let us wait, but it’s disappointed me.
Animation and music are both beautiful.
But I didn’t like the story line. =(

Kuromii England 19 yo Female

Because of that beautiful ED, I evaluate 7 from 8 points. But I still think they could make this OVA better….

yun90 Malaysia 13 yo Female
wow. It was just boring.
It’s not only boring, but disappointing.
Battle scene was good, though. They should create continuation.
It finished like Yu becoming an enemy next… Humm.. The trailer was gorgeous and I expected alot for this. This made me feel blue… I give 6 points.

FukoIbuki 15 yo Female
Am I the minority who enjoyed that girl students scene so much?

animegeek4life Texas 17 yo Female
Manager of Basketball club has a hair style like « Shiki ». it’s too disheveled!

I feel sorry for Yomi… It’s very painful when the best friend is getting closer to the others..

Stereotyped characters, nonsense plot, unreasonable, and at the end, it’s explained all by holy light from mobile phone strap as Deus ex machina….
Well, the pictures were great. I don’t wonder if many people like this.

controlmajortom Male
When I heard BRS’s OVA would be created, I never imagined that 45 mins of 50 mins would be F**k School life…. I feel I’m decoyed completely.
Boring characters and insane plot bring audience to the festival for taking nap….

Repth California 20 yo Male
I still cannot overcome from the disappointment that I could hear only piano version of this theme song « Black Rock Shooter »…

kralle777 Germany 17 yo Male
I enjoyed this OVA very much.
Story was really good and I could enjoy it from the start to the end.
But many people dislike this one unfortunately…. :(

yamato21 Djakarta 19 yo Male
Did they wanna make BRS horrible Yuri anime!?
The only good part of this OVA was Ending song by Gomu.

KillerYandere South Carolina 21 yo Male
Personally, I’m disappointed deeper than ocean.
This OVA says « Black Rock Shooter ».
So we thought BRS character appear in this anime. But how many minutes BRS scene has? Only 11 minutes!! The rest 40 minutes are usual drama like Yuri anime without yuri elements. Animation, music and action are great, but it made me irritated because BRS characters never talk. They look angrily at each other, giggle, scream or groan. Really, Deadmaster is beaten with only hug power….I felt such deep disappointment even I cannot describe.

Morufuo 17 yo Female

well, I just finished watching. Honestly I don’t know how to say.
It’s very random and feel like watching two different anime with the same art style at the same time.

HatchetGirl Female
No meaning of Black Gold Saw exist… XD

supersayen Quebed 20 yo Male
I watched « GA-REI-zero » or something??
Two main characters are very similar. One has the same name… lol
It’s similar that getting enemy after getting close, and fight…..

Skrong 21 yo Male
« GA-REI-zero » had a proper plot. At least it didn’t confuse us like this BRS.

Darkdragon500 USA 19 yo Male
I expected much more action scene, BRS world, and character explanation. But what I watched is…. School moe anime!!
What happened??

Ah, his opinion represents all foreigners’ reaction…
They expected BRS, Gold Saw, and Dead master’s match, but it turned to school drama just after a few minutes. Battle was included just as bonus…. such incredible development… It might be normal all foreigners got into Polnareff situation such « I speak what happened exactly now »….

Animation, music and artwork are highly evaluated. Especially, everyone admired that animation. Most of them seem to be satisfied with music, and ED song is very popular.
But one person are disappointed because he could listen to only the piano version of the very important song « Black Rock Shooter ».

Honestly, I watched this with expecting this song. I thought it might be only that piano version in the original and use that song for Ending song… But that Rock came….
I really don’t understand why it didn’t use this song.

I laughed at the comment that Yu’s hair style is ugly and like Shiki’s character.
I like Fuyumi Ono’s original work, but I don’t like Ryu Fujisaki’s character design. That’s why I understand that comment. I don’t say I hate it, but it’s too artistic. Yeah, I felt the same that this is similar to GA-REI-zero . The name, Yomi, and dead master-like atmosphere….
 figma Deadmaster
(I don’t understand the story well because it skips too much.. ^^)

I was surprised to know there are so many foreign FEMALE fans.
According to this thread, 60% of comments were by female.
I guess there are much more male fans in Japan. I wanna know which part of BRS attracts foreign female….
Black Gold Saw is who??? I didn’t understand which part is Golden saw… ^^

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